Experiments prove we are ‘entangled’ in time: The future: that which is not yet born, is strongly influenced by that which no longer exists.

Experiments indicate that we are entangled in time.

Time Entanglement

Quantum particles can instantly influence each other regardless of how far apart they are. This is called “entanglement“. The non-locality of quantum mechanics, as manifested by entanglement, does not apply only to particles with spatial separation, but also with temporal separation.

Dr. Eisenburg of Hebrew University in Jerusalem has experimentally demonstrated that quantum particles not only entangle in “space”, but also in “time”. That is, entangling pairs of particles that never even coexisted. Another way of saying it is: the future, that which is not yet born, is strongly influenced by that which no longer exists.



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Where did life come from?


Natural selection explains how organisms that already exist evolve in response to changes in their environment. But Darwin’s theory is silent on how organisms came into being in the first place, which he considered a deep mystery. What creates life out of the inanimate compounds that make up living things? No one knows. How were the first organisms assembled? Nature hasn’t given us the slightest hint.

If anything, the mystery has deepened over time. After all, if life began unaided under primordial conditions in a natural system containing zero knowledge, then it should be possible – it should be easy – to create life in a laboratory today. But determined attempts have failed. International fame, a likely Nobel Prize, and $1 million from theGene Emergence Project await the researcher who makes life on a lab bench. Still, no one has come close.

Experiments have created some basic materials of life. Famously, in 1952 Harold Urey and Stanley Miller mixed the elements thought to exist in Earth’s primordial atmosphere, exposed them to electricity to simulate lightning, and found that amino acids self-assembled in the researchers’ test tubes. Amino acids are essential to life. But the ones in the 1952 experiment did not come to life. Building-block compounds have been shown to result from many natural processes; they even float in huge clouds in space. But no test has given any indication of how they begin to live – or how, in early tentative forms, they could have resisted being frozen or fried by Earth’s harsh prehistoric conditions.

Some researchers have backed the hypothesis that an unknown primordial “soup” of naturally occurring chemicals was able to self-organize and become animate through a natural mechanism that no longer exists. Some advance the “RNA first” idea, which holds that RNA formed and lived on its own before DNA – but that doesn’t explain where the RNA came from. Others suppose life began around hot deep-sea vents, where very high temperatures and pressures cause a chemical maelstrom. Still others have proposed that some as-yet-unknown natural law causes complexity – and that when this natural law is discovered, the origin of life will become imaginable.

Did God or some other higher being create life? Did it begin on another world, to be transported later to ours? Until such time as a wholly natural origin of life is found, these questions have power. We’re improbable, we’re here, and we have no idea why. Or how.
– Gregg Easterbrookauthor of The Progress Paradox


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There is a Formula for Behavior Change. And Big Interests are Spearheading this Science.


Just how subtly and forcefully we’re influenced by unconscious urges is readily apparent (or should be) in the effects of mass advertising. Unconscious emotions are reflected through media images plainly designed to evoke pleasurable feelings and associate them with a product or idea — like Pavlov’s dog. In fact, the modern cult of psychological media deception sprang from the physiological studies of Ivan Pavlov.

In a famous detergent study, subjects were given three different boxes of detergent and asked to try them all out for a few weeks, then report on which they liked best and why. One box was predominantly yellow, another blue, and the third was blue with splashes of yellow. In their reports, the subjects overwhelmingly favored the detergent in the box with mixed colors. Their comments included much about the relative merits of the detergents, but none mentioned the box. Why should they? A pretty box can’t make the detergent work better,right? But in reality it was only the box that differed—the detergents inside were all identical! When quizzed about the reasons for their decisions, the subjects proved completely unaware that any of those factors had influenced them.

Few of us admit that we’re being fooled, and even though we may realize marketing is designed to fool us — we know it, they know it… it still works! That’s how dependent our thinking is on subconscious processes.

The science of manipulation has advanced the influence of a fantasy world so ingrained, that it has become accepted as a fact of life integral to our culture. It does have a bit of reality behind it – mechanistic half-truths. Yet like everything in our modern culture, mostly facade. The entire process has become circular – as the uncomfortable cognitive dissonance it engenders drives us unceasingly toward its very diversions which conceal its design.

The political and economic concerns which drive our culture, however, are not designed to encourage conscious reflection of our subconscious drives but to ensure that it won’t happen. Unscrupulous, manipulative, selfish egocentric obsessed drives for shallow ‘worship of the beast’ are celebrated.


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Consciousness is awareness. A subjective experience of internal and external phenomenal worlds. It defines our existence. But how and where does it exist? This is what scientists call ‘the hard problem of consciousness‘.

There is the ‘brain as a computer’ view that can account for non-conscious cognitive functions like control of our body functions and behavior. This is accomplished by many distributed mini-brain areas or what I call ‘zombie’ auto pilot modes.  In fact, my own personal view is that what we think of as the consciousness is really afterthoughts of a CEO in charge of a group of competing zombie sub brains.

However, even single celled protozoans exhibit cognitive behavior!  They can swim, find food and mates, learn and remember…all without a single brain cell or synaptic computation!

Its been experimentally demonstrated that brain activity corresponding to a stimulus often occurs after we’ve responded (seemingly consciously) to that stimulus. In other words, we think it before we think we thought it. This lends some credence to the idea that what we think of as our ‘consciousness moment’, is a epiphenomenal illusion.

The state of the art in consciousness research now lies not in the brain but within each cell! There is intelligent, organized activities accomplished by protein polymers called ‘microtubules’. They are self-assembling and combine in A-lattice patterns that match the Fibonacci series widely found in nature. This suggests large scale quantum processing! The ‘mind’ or consciousness may be a result of simultaneously analog (neural) and quantum processes in our brain running coherent excitations around 8MHZ.

It is theorized that it could only take as few as one hundred neurons, each containing 10E8 tubules, for a quantum conscious ‘moment’ to occur. However, at any given moment, 10,000 to 100,000 neurons are firing in ‘coherent sets’.

This concept of a hybrid quantum analog brain means 10E5 operations per second per neuron!!!  This is bad news for AI fans. That means potentially 10E26 operations per second!! If we were to somehow combine 1500 of the fastest supercomputers in existence today, that would only be only 10E18 calculations p/sec. That is such a huge difference that compared to the brain, our computers are just toys. Thus blowing away the idea of an ‘artificial brain’ AI for a long time to come.

But keep this in mind: according to Godel’s theorem, certain aspects of human consciousness, such as understanding, will forever be beyond the scope of ANY computational system… i.e. ‘noncomputable’.

SYNCHRONY SIDEBAR: In the human brain, neuronal synchrony i.e. gamma synchrony EEG, which is currently the best measurable correlate to consciousness, does not derive from neuronal firings. Interestingly, gamma synchrony has a frequency range of 30 to 90Hz.  Early Buddhist writings describe there being 6,460,000 ‘moments’ per day. Doing the math, this would average one ‘moment’ every 13.3 msec or a frequency of 75.19 Hz.

The hard problem is explaining how billions of neurons swapping chemicals give rise to such subjective experiences as consciousness, self-awareness, and awareness that others are conscious and self-aware; that is, not only the ability to wonder, but the ability to wonder why we wonder, and even wonder why others wonder why….”

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‘MIND’ was present right after the Big Bang

Big Bang Mind

Recent experimental research supports that space and time are conceptual artifacts that sprang from primordial consciousness. Consciousness includes human mental processes, but it cannot be just a human attribute. Existing outside space and time, it must have been “there” “before” those two words had any meaning.

The reason that the human mind meshes with nature, mathematics, and the fundamental forces described by physics, is no accident: we mesh because we are a product of the same conceptual expansion by which primordial consciousness turned into the physical world.

What we observe must be compatible with our existence. Humans can occupy only a universe like ours, and this explains why the universe is as it is. This is the famous ‘Anthropic Principle‘. It is only thru our consensual regularities of subjective consciousness that we can come to know the “physical” world and its scientific properties.

The ‘laws of nature’, which are indirectly brought into effect by mind, largely determines the nature and extent of what we know about the universe. What we can observe must be restricted by the conditions necessary for our presence as observers. It is necessary to take into account our special situation and properties when interpreting data, just as it is necessary to take into account the special properties of any measuring instrument. Most universal constants like the number of particles in the universe (10E79) are determined by the human factors of our sensory equipment.

Our situation is indeed privileged, at least in a temporal sense. We live in the epoch of life, which is far from being random.

But the startling conclusions are that the conscious experience itself plays a role in the operation of the laws of the universe.

The recent WMAP satellite observations of the universe at an age of some 380,000 years confirm a picture that the universe has evolved as if it started in a perfectly smooth homogenous state. In the epoch observed by WMAP, we see minor fluctuations superimposed on this uniform background radiation, of the same character as the quantum fluctuations that can be detected when a uniform beam of radiation is observed in a lab.

According to conventional thought, these fluctuations grew to create stars, galaxies and eventually ourselves. But note that quantum science says that these kind of fluctuations ALWAYS come from the act of conscious observation. Without observation or ‘mind’ being present, a homogeneous initial state evolving under homogeneous laws must remain homogeneous! In other words, early fluctuations that eventually give rise to the existence of planets and even the very measuring instrument of the WMAP satellite are caused by observations such as those made by people and WMAP!!

*** ‘Mind’ must have been present shortly after the big bang in order for us to be here today.

The process of ‘knowing’ makes reality. It makes a discontinuous change in the quantum wave probability function and takes place inside the mind of the observer. Reality is therefore a manifestation of alterations in the pattern of activity within an electromagnetic field which is perceived as discontinuous. But its not an illusion. It is actual information inserted into the quantum state by mind that collapses the wave-packet / wave function and results into something ‘real’. “What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.” – Heisenburg.

What we are perceiving and knowing are only fragments of the electromagnetic continuum. We can only perceive and know is what our senses can detect. Only that which is amenable to detection by our senses may be known by a knowing mind. In other words, ‘reality’ is a construct of the mind. A later posting will dramatically demonstrate how true this statement is.

Note: our quantum science has basically made the material universe disappear.

“This disappearance is real. There is at bottom no strictly mechanistic, physical foundation for the cosmos. The situation is far more radical than most practicing scientists suppose. Whatever is the fundamental source of creation, it itself must be uncreated. Otherwise, there is a hidden creator lying in the background, and then we ask who or what created that? What does it mean to be uncreated? The source of reality must be self-sufficient, capable of engendering complex systems on the micro and macro scale, self-regulating, and holistic. Nothing can exist outside its influence. ” – “How Consciousness Becomes the Physical Universe” – Kafatos, Tanzi, Chopra.

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“DNA is like a computer program, but far, far more advanced than any software we’ve ever created”- Bill Gates.


Extremely complex systems like our DNA can only be understood by taking into account additional “organizing principles” that emerge at various levels of complexity. This is termed “strong emergence“.

In contrast, reductionists claim that you can predict life from the laws of atomic physics – that everything can be ultimately explained in terms of “bottom level” physics. Though our limit on computation might not “prove” emergence exists, it does disproves the long standing claim by reductionists that it can’t.

And any DNA strand of more than 200 base pairs current scientific thinking says “might require additional organizing principles to explain their properties.” And the human DNA has 3.2 billion. Therefore higher level organizing forces are needed, at least in part, in giving proteins and genes their functionality.

Biologists have been gradually learning that the basic cellular unit underlying all known life on Earth is enormously complex. Far more complex than anything we can create. Many at the forefront of microbiology believe a genetic algorithm could not possibly have produced it.

What is now more mind boggling is that the vast majority of information in the human genome does not code for proteins but meta-information. This is information about information – the instructions that a cell needs for using the proteins to make, maintain and reproduce a functional human being. By definition, meta information relies on pre-existing information.

What is clear is that many complex systems are computationally forever impossible to model. That is because we now know the absolute limit of man’s computational power: 10 to the power of 120 bits (Lloyd’s Number). Any calculation requiring more than that many bits will forever remain a fantasy. So for the first time in history, we now know what we will never know.

Bottom line, our DNA is so complex that it requires pre-existing organizing principles in order for it to exist. The laws of physics won’t bring life into existence with any inevitability.

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The Real Truth about our National Debt

federal debt
Actually, in the past 3 years, the deficit as a percentage of the GDP has fallen faster than in any time since the end of WW II.

2.THE DEBT HAS BEEN HIGHER BEFORE and the sky didn’t fall. The debt incurred to win World War II caused taxpayers to be on the hook for a debt that was significantly bigger, as a percentage of G.D.P., than debt today. Not coincidentally, that heralded a great boom in our economy.

We really never have to pay the debt back. The government life span is infinite so there will never be ‘a day of reckoning’ when all debts must be settled. We owe it mostly to ourselves anyway and since the debt is in dollars and we can print some more up when we want, there is no current emergency.

4. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD DEFICIT SPEND FOREVER – if the private sector is ever to reach its full potential!
The USA can print money without taxing or borrowing and except in uncommon circumstances, without causing inflation. Government spending absolutely fuels the economy and especially when the economy is underemployed because the private sector gives up nothing in return. Only the government can create demand out of thin air. Modern capitalist economy without ‘public sector demand’ will fail because the private sector is incapable of consistently generating sufficient demand to hire all those willing to work. This is in spite of it being able to produce enough output for everyone to enjoy.

the CBO reports that the debt is projected to GO DOWN in 2013 to $845 billion. Then $616 billion in 2014 and $430 billion by 2015. And this is based on the government doing nothing different than it is already doing today.

The CBO confirms that a short term increase in the deficit like Obama wants to do is the right thing to do. It will BOOST GNP from 2014 to 2016. Then only later it recommends cutting the deficit.

The solution could not be clearer. We need MORE DEFICIT SPENDING, not less. Remember, a recession is caused by a lack of spending and ANY government spending IS money is someone’s pocket to spend. the primary driver of how much revenue we get as a percent of GDP is unemployment. Yes, debt matters. But right now, other things matter more. We need more, not less, government spending to get us out of our unemployment trap. Deficits raise the level of private wealth! The wrongheaded, ill-informed obsession with debt is standing in the way. Ironically, conservative Tea Party plans like Ryan’s is a private sector wealth destroyer.




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