‘MIND’ was present right after the Big Bang

Big Bang Mind

Recent experimental research supports that space and time are conceptual artifacts that sprang from primordial consciousness. Consciousness includes human mental processes, but it cannot be just a human attribute. Existing outside space and time, it must have been “there” “before” those two words had any meaning.

The reason that the human mind meshes with nature, mathematics, and the fundamental forces described by physics, is no accident: we mesh because we are a product of the same conceptual expansion by which primordial consciousness turned into the physical world.

What we observe must be compatible with our existence. Humans can occupy only a universe like ours, and this explains why the universe is as it is. This is the famous ‘Anthropic Principle‘. It is only thru our consensual regularities of subjective consciousness that we can come to know the “physical” world and its scientific properties.

The ‘laws of nature’, which are indirectly brought into effect by mind, largely determines the nature and extent of what we know about the universe. What we can observe must be restricted by the conditions necessary for our presence as observers. It is necessary to take into account our special situation and properties when interpreting data, just as it is necessary to take into account the special properties of any measuring instrument. Most universal constants like the number of particles in the universe (10E79) are determined by the human factors of our sensory equipment.

Our situation is indeed privileged, at least in a temporal sense. We live in the epoch of life, which is far from being random.

But the startling conclusions are that the conscious experience itself plays a role in the operation of the laws of the universe.

The recent WMAP satellite observations of the universe at an age of some 380,000 years confirm a picture that the universe has evolved as if it started in a perfectly smooth homogenous state. In the epoch observed by WMAP, we see minor fluctuations superimposed on this uniform background radiation, of the same character as the quantum fluctuations that can be detected when a uniform beam of radiation is observed in a lab.

According to conventional thought, these fluctuations grew to create stars, galaxies and eventually ourselves. But note that quantum science says that these kind of fluctuations ALWAYS come from the act of conscious observation. Without observation or ‘mind’ being present, a homogeneous initial state evolving under homogeneous laws must remain homogeneous! In other words, early fluctuations that eventually give rise to the existence of planets and even the very measuring instrument of the WMAP satellite are caused by observations such as those made by people and WMAP!!

*** ‘Mind’ must have been present shortly after the big bang in order for us to be here today.

The process of ‘knowing’ makes reality. It makes a discontinuous change in the quantum wave probability function and takes place inside the mind of the observer. Reality is therefore a manifestation of alterations in the pattern of activity within an electromagnetic field which is perceived as discontinuous. But its not an illusion. It is actual information inserted into the quantum state by mind that collapses the wave-packet / wave function and results into something ‘real’. “What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.” – Heisenburg.

What we are perceiving and knowing are only fragments of the electromagnetic continuum. We can only perceive and know is what our senses can detect. Only that which is amenable to detection by our senses may be known by a knowing mind. In other words, ‘reality’ is a construct of the mind. A later posting will dramatically demonstrate how true this statement is.

Note: our quantum science has basically made the material universe disappear.

“This disappearance is real. There is at bottom no strictly mechanistic, physical foundation for the cosmos. The situation is far more radical than most practicing scientists suppose. Whatever is the fundamental source of creation, it itself must be uncreated. Otherwise, there is a hidden creator lying in the background, and then we ask who or what created that? What does it mean to be uncreated? The source of reality must be self-sufficient, capable of engendering complex systems on the micro and macro scale, self-regulating, and holistic. Nothing can exist outside its influence. ” – “How Consciousness Becomes the Physical Universe” – Kafatos, Tanzi, Chopra.

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